Let the Children Play!


We watch the news every evening. It’s our business. We have more televisions in our home than we should, and it seems one is always on.


Last evening it was announced on the six o’clock news that a 13-year-old boy in our region shot himself in the head on the edge of his parents’ 13-acre property last Wednesday after receiving notification of having homework missing from a teacher at his Main Line prep school. He had been reported missing and hundreds of people had volunteered to search for him. He had left his cell phone and glasses behind. They found his body Sunday and when announcing this intimated that suicide could not be ruled out.


Earlier on the same broadcast reporters had told us about a police officer being shot in the line of duty and a father shooting two girls’ mother right in front of them.


My mind was racing. At first about guns and gun control. Then it jumped to people and irresponsibility for having guns at all. Then it came to all the people who had been affected by these incidents and how rotten our news is today. One bad thing after another.


The story about the teenager made me gasp and tears came to my eyes. Where are the days of innocence and fun? What happened to playing with friends and laughing and being silly? How and why did we begin to pressure kids to learn things earlier and grow up so fast? What makes grades so important? For what? For whom? And why?


If my heart is aching and I didn’t even know the boy, I can’t imagine what horror his family is going through. The teacher who sent the message must truly be regretting pushing the send key. His friends will be forever changed. The only good thing I can think of that could happen as a result of this horrific situation is that we all learn from this tragedy. Somehow we must improve communication, be willing to step up and speak out, and try to better protect children so they can be exactly that … children!


 −  Linda

2015 Dress In Blue Day

Our client, The Endoscopy Center at St. Mary (ECSM) kicked off National Colon Cancer Awareness month in conjunction with the Colon Cancer Alliance’s “Dress in Blue Day” on Friday, March 6. We staged the “Knockout Colon Cancer Carnival,” which took place in the St. Mary Medical Center cafeteria.


Patients, visitors, and colleagues enjoyed freshly popped popcorn, blue cotton candy, and blue water ice. In addition to the carnival treats, guests also enjoyed classic carnival games, including Whack-A-Mole and ring toss. Spokesperson former MLB World Series pitcher Tommy Greene signed autographs and alerted guests about the importance of screenings. ECSM distributed collateral materials including colon cancer awareness brochures from the CDC, ECSM brochures, and much more.


Donations for this Colon Cancer Alliance event totaled to $1,057.75. Of that total, $1,000 was donated by members of the Delaware Valley Road Runners Car Club.









The social media guru on our staff insists that everyone write blogs. She says that will get our website viewers up and boost our company’s recognition. At first I thought I was too busy doing “real” work. Then another staff member said what I write would be helpful to others and I should do it. So I’ve made a pledge to be a better team player and give it a whirl for three months.


In thinking about it, I feel the blogs should have meaning. Not surface fluff that people don’t have time for today. We’re all way too busy and over-taxed just trying to get what we need to do accomplished and keeping our priorities in line. Time matters and we choose what is important to us. I can think of many people who blog, and, to be honest, I don’t read them. Mostly because I don’t really feel they have much to say that would be of interest to me.


That’s just like who I friend and who I don’t friend on Facebook. Who really cares what you had for dinner? Why does it matter if you burned 30,000 calories on the treadmill in just 24 hours? That said, I do love to see and hear what my friends’ children are doing, about ways we can all work together and offer help to others, be informed of situations and opportunities we are eager to know more about, and travel around the world just like Flat Stanley when my friends go on amazing expeditions! That’s on of the nice things about social media … we have lots of choices.


My blogs are going to follow topics and areas of concern to me. I’ll try to stay in my area of expertise, however I know that at times I’ll write about current events that I feel we should speak up about. People who know me know I’m about working together and putting the good of the whole above individual interests. Most likely that stance will creep into some of my writing too. Will any one read my blogs? We’ll see. Perhaps writing will be a good catharsis and a way for me to slow down a bit. Watch for my blogs every week.


−  Linda

A PR Miss for Brian Williams




By now we have all heard how NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has been suspended for six months after he apologized for “misremembering” a military incident while reporting overseas several years ago. The reason it upsets viewers so much is that we expect news anchors to be credible and provide the facts, not stretch the truth. We don’t know if Williams’ career will bounce back from this blunder, yet we do know that there were several PR misses that could have helped him reestablish his credibility.


Timing is really important and why it took Williams and NBC so long to comment on this story is a question mark and mistake. After “the incident” the Internet went crazy and no one could escape the story, yet it still took Williams more than four days to publicly respond on air. While Williams has a Twitter account, he has not used it to make mention of the “the incident” once. He could have used the power of social media to apologize to his fans in a timely, humanized, and personalized way. Instead he chose to go on air, which for many came off cold and forced.


Marvin Williams states that ‎”There is no better test of a man’s integrity than his behavior when he is wrong.”  Brian Williams did not own his mistakes and made excuses of “misremembering” the events in Iraq. No one is perfect and there is a charm in knowing celebrities have flaws. Williams missed out on a great opportunity to admit his mistake and imperfections and now the Internet will not let him forget. #BrianWilliamsMisremembers is trending all over social media and Internet, as viewers are getting a big laugh at his expense and questioning his personal “news” coverage.


In the end many celebs bounce back from WAY worse scandals, yet the lesson is to try look as down to earth as possible while going down. Brian Williams failed this time around.