Do You Speak Emoji?



Can your brand use Emoji?


Everywhere you turn, you can find an Emoji.

These Japanese originated picture messages have expanded well outside of traditional text messages. Emoji are used in nearly half of every sentence posted on sites like Instagram, and Facebook is set to introduce them alongside the famous “like” button as a way of expressing your reaction to a post. Even Sony Pictures has plans to create an animated movie featuring these staples of social media. Some outlets have claimed that Emoji are an emerging language and a global one at that. The idea of using a smiling face, rainbow, and even a pizza slice to tell a story or launch a brand sounds odd, yet these “pictures” are allowing people to communicate when language barriers would normally apply.


So how are brands incorporating this new language into their marketing?


JCPenney promoted their back-to-school sale with an Emoji campaign called “Express Yourselfie.” Customers were asked to create personalized Emoji that resembled themselves. JCPenney suggested users customize their Emoji with accessories and hairstyles and to post their Emoji alongside selfies to share with friends as well as in the brand’s online gallery. Each user was also able to view shopping suggestions based on their personal style.
Another brand, Domino’s had a campaign combining the popularity of Emoji with a new way to order its products. Their new system allows a customer to order by Tweeting or texting the pizza Emoji or #EasyOrder.

As use of Emoji grows, it’s a good idea for brands to rethink how they plan to incorporate them into their branding and marketing plans. We have lots to look forward to!
─ Jacky