Situation Analyses

We believe there is no cookie-cutter approach to effective communications. Every client’s situation is unique. In our situation analyses for clients we assess the marketing and/or communication functions already in place compared to well-defined and specific market needs, organizational objectives, and target audience profiles.


After analyzing our client’s situation, we establish organizational objectives and goals we work toward in collaboration with our client. We ensure that these objectives are detailed, direct, and attainable.

Target Audiences

Once we set objectives, we move on to brainstorming target audiences. We keep these target audiences in mind throughout the entire marketing and communication process. It’s important to clearly understand who we need to reach; prioritize the audience; and work “core out.”


The previous three steps help us to cultivate the most effective strategies. We use this “big picture” concept to reach our client’s goals and objectives, focusing on its target audiences. We systematically, diligently, and patiently search and find the best and most effective ways for each client to proceed with its marketing efforts.


We strategize and determine specific actions to fulfill an overall communications strategy. These tactics are detailed to state exactly what DeeterUSA will do to have our clients reach their marketing and communications objectives.


It is absolutely necessary to measure all efforts. It is the only way to know if the process succeeds. We measure these efforts quantitatively and/or qualitatively depending on the situation. Quantitative measurements calculate numerical information, such as statistics. Qualitative measurements evaluate the information that cannot be quantified, such as positive or negative responses.


Timelines provide detailed outlines of when the agreed-upon tactics will be executed and when the client should expect to see work completed from the DeeterUSA team.