What We Value

What We Value

DeeterUSA is committed to operating within the framework of honesty, integrity and respect, guided by a strong code of ethics.



Every member of our team is expected to:

  • Execute developed and approved client plans within budget and on time
  • Interact openly and honestly with all those we come in contact
  • Communicate goals, objectives, and priorities to all team members
  • Practice active listening while being responsive and receptive to everyone’s ideas
  • Take responsibility for decisions and actions
  • Deliver meaningful results while managing all risks, threats, and opportunities


What’s more, we pride ourselves on being socially responsible and value giving back to the community whenever we can. You will often find members of our staff volunteering their time to various nonprofit organizations, including hospitals, churches and synagogues, food shelters, and local, regional, and national foundations.


We make a difference in so many people’s lives, and we enjoy doing it.