Quality. Service. Trust.

What We Value

DeeterUSA is committed to operating within the framework of honesty, integrity and respect, guided by a strong code of ethics.



Mission Statement


To provide exceptional marketing and communications counsel/programming support to industry-leading clients to help maximize their two-way communications with select target audiences and deliver results that meet or exceed stated objectives.


Vision Statement

To help clients inform, persuade, educate, and move target audiences to action via communications and through that process continue to position DeeterUSA as a leader and preferred business partner for regional, national, multinational corporations and not-for-profits.

Pledge of Moral Principles

DeeterUSA has built business over 30 years based on integrity, dignity and respect, with a commitment to excellence. When questions arise regarding how to proceed, above all else we will act with integrity in every situation. All team members are expected to demonstrate their commitment to these values and continually strive for self-improvement.
We must have a demonstrated passion for excellence. We develop and execute approved client plans within budget and on time, and continually interact openly and honestly with all those we come in contact with – no hidden agendas, no politics, no blame, only a true business  partnership. We must communicate goals, objectives, and priorities to ALL team members clearly and in a timely manner. We are active listeners, open and responsive to everyone’s ideas.
We take responsibility for our decisions and actions and make no excuses for our performance. To that end, we set agreed to client expectations and strive to exceed them. We are professional in our approach to customer relations in attitude, dress, conduct, and performance. We deliver meaningful results while managing all risks, threats, and opportunities. We deliver results clients are proud of.
In all we do, we act with a sense of urgency. We always maintain a bias toward positive action – prioritize, focus, execute – and strive to “do our work right the first time.” We are customer advocates in resolving issues promptly and professionally.
Perhaps above all else, we recognize that we are one team…we will succeed together. We will treat each other with respect. We foster and promote teamwork. All team members are always expected to act in the best interest of our clients and DeeterUSA, and to recognize the impact of their actions on others.

We pride ourselves on being socially responsible and value giving back to the community whenever we can. You will often find members of our staff volunteering their time to various nonprofit organizations, including hospitals, churches and synagogues, food shelters, and local, regional, and national foundations.