• Drew Deeter


    Drew Deeter


    I do my best to live by the motto, “When are you going to have an opportunity to do this again?” By asking myself this question, I continually seek new adventures and am willing to at least try many new things.

    With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, I have worn many hats as a marketing and communications professional. I have worked in retail, resort accommodations, pet supplies, and actually owned my own small business. Specific to DeeterUSA, I started as a summer intern, an audio/video production specialist, and an account representative. Today, my role has evolved into a leadership position. I now interact directly with our major clients and am the primary point of contact with many. Over the years I have developed a reputation for being a hardworking, thoughtful, creative, and team-oriented executive who consistently finds a way to successfully accomplish tasks rather than assume things cannot be done. I strive for excellence and bristle at the notion of “settling.”

    I am passionate about family, have an ear for music, love to travel, and am a sports enthusiast. I am happily married and have two wonderful children. B.A. speech communications, University of Georgia; M.B.A. Delaware Valley College

  • Linda Deeter


    Linda Deeter

    Executive Vice President and Creative Director
    I love the movie “The Wizard of Oz” and not just because I’m from the Midwest, although I do watch it every spring when tornado season kicks in and Mother Nature shows us who really is in charge. I just relish in the simplicity of the story – learning that what’s really important in life is to have the courage to think creatively, figure out what needs to be done, and just do it, with compassion and an appreciation for other people and their points of view.
    I believe that attitude is everything. We can look at situations as opportunities, choose to see the bright side, build people and projects up, and speak with encouragement. We can be good listeners, good friends, and thoughtful colleagues … always learning, always growing, and always offering a supportive hand. I can dance with the Munchkins, wear my ruby slippers, and continue to look for those magnificent rainbows that represent ever-present Technicolor opportunities that always appear on the horizon.
    B.S. education, cum laude, Kutztown State University

  • William Deeter


    William Deeter

    I began my career as a technical writer and newsletter editor in the aerospace industry. From there, I moved into radio and television broadcasting. For the next 30+ years, I have worked on major corporate advertising and public relations campaigns, focusing on integrated communications and brand development. To date, I suspect I have introduced and/or re-introduced more than 50 products, launched 25 line extensions, and managed crises or issues for more than a dozen Fortune 500 and privately held industry-leading organizations. With all that experience behind me I am confident that I am just now hitting my stride.
    Through all my experiences in marketing and communications, I have learned that often the best path to take is the one less traveled. I have no interest in following in someone else’s footprint simply because it’s easy. It is clearly more difficult to blaze new trails, yet I have learned it can also be the most rewarding and fun way to go. All it takes is a little energy, optimism and hard work and I seem to thrive on that.
    The one thing I can tell you about me is that I will never stop learning and embracing change because without it, there can be no real growth. I enjoy the challenges and rewards pioneering provides. I also enjoy working with bright, energized people who are committed to making a difference in our world.
    B.S. mass communications, University of Toledo

  • Sue Pickwell


    Sue Pickwell

    Being an office manager came naturally for me. I am friendly with everyone, and I also know how to get down to business, which is what drew me to this role. I was amazed I could make a career out of talking all day and keeping clients and our team organized and on track. By collaborating we crank out some really awe-inspiring work.
    I have a 15-year background with advertising agencies, as well as a dozen years with a large regional service company. My event planning and market research skills are only topped by my fierce scheduling and organizational dexterity. I was drawn to the DeeterUSA family as a group of smart, talented, and passionate people and look forward to the many projects ahead.