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2 weeks ago

Deeter USA

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3 weeks ago

Deeter USA

History has a way of repeating itself.

During the Great Depression, Proctor and Gamble, instead of throttling down its advertising efforts to cut costs, actively pursued new marketing avenues to “win” new customers. As they faced the very real prospect of diminishing sales, they invested in a new medium for them at the time – commercial radio broadcasts aimed at homemakers, the company's core market. The bold decision paid off and resulted in launching the consumer packaged goods giant we know today.

Today, as we face rising tensions between those wanting the quarantine to end and those wanting to remain in isolation, businesses across the country must navigate a new path forward. Many companies are trying to cut expenses and wait out the storm. Sadly, some have already shut their doors for good.

Others, however, are following the Proctor and Gamble approach and making the bold decision to use this tough time as a differentiator between themselves and their competition. They are either marketing themselves right now or they are working behind the scenes to get themselves ready to market when the timing is right.

The team at DeeterUSA firmly believes that for many of these companies, history will indeed repeat. One day, when we look back to now, this will be the pivotal time when a handful of companies took a bold path
and blasted off like rockets.

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