How to Prepare Your Business for the Facebook Dislike Button




With the development of the “Dislike” button well under way on Facebook, many PR and Marketing firms are scrambling for ways to combat the impending arrival of what is expected to be an increase in negative press. When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg first dropped word about the dislike button a few weeks back, there wasn’t much surrounding detail offered.              


 Through the following weeks, limited information has surfaced about this tool being used to cater “empathic” posts. However, at this point, no one can be entirely sure. With this in mind, it’s important to discuss within your company the ways you might feel most comfortable preparing for this current social media tidal wave that is about to sweep across the world of marketing and PR.


Although the buzz surrounding this revelation has stirred up some concerns, there are both positives and negatives to this budding situation. A lot of focus seems to be circling the concern that the dislike button will allow consumers to give companies negative feedback without any way to resolve the issues. This means that someone could dislike a company’s Facebook page over something irrelevant or miniscule and there is no way to right the wrong.


Ultimately, this is bad news for companies, considering that not just one person has access to a computer, but millions, and there may be nothing stopping them from lowering the rating of a company, with no easy way for customer representatives to swoop in and resolve any issues.


Fear not, because while this is an understandable concern, it remains only one problem area and believe it or not, there are positives to this as well!


The social media platform, and more specifically Facebook, allows for companies to be closer to their ideal consumers. For those consumers who might use the dislike button for a relevant and rational complaint, companies can now receive excellent constructive criticism on how to improve at a much quicker and more personal level. This may also allow for general feedback, no matter the degree of the complaint. In the end, this could help companies address key issues, large or small, and improve their rating on Facebook.


Through all of this, I’m sure there are still more questions, concerns, and/or thoughts regarding your business and its possible fate on Facebook. Here are a few tips to help you prepare and plan for the launch of the dislike button.


  • It’s crucial to make sure your employees are informed on the changing information regarding the dislike button so make sure that your business has a plan of action.
  •  Be prepared, and discuss with your employees how everyone might work together to address negative rating s on your page.

Remember, the dislike button is still in the works, which gives companies at least some time to gather helpful and relevant information. Make the best out of this situation by addressing it as creatively as you can.


Check out these links that go a bit more into detail on this issue.



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5 days ago

Deeter USA

50 ... 40 ... 30 ... 20 ... 10 ... SCORE!!!

This morning when going to work, my thoughts were:

- Another week has flown by, even in the stand-still of the coronavirus.

- Negative news far outweighs the positive - I think newscasters must stand in front of a mirror and practice sounding as frightening and disturbing as possible. When did local and world events become show business?

- To add to the worry of one friend with cancer on her face, another with cancer of the brain getting a super chemo boost right now in the hospital, I just learned that a special neighbor will have totally unexpected colon cancer surgery Tuesday! What?

- My husband and I have known 33 people who have died in the past year, 10 were close friends.

- Our business is "hanging in there" after 35 years of diligence, ups and downs, and lots of great experiences. Some clients simply paused to see what was going to happen. Fortunately, others see this as a time to rise above all others and make lemonade.

- Our family has grown up way too fast, and they are all wonderful, unique individuals, very very special to us (I always try to find the positive and this is at the top of the list).

So, I began to think of a football game. Not that I like football very much, I tolerate it. I'm not into pain. I know enough to see the team moving the ball down the field - one play at a time. I compare this to the coronavirus and what we're experiencing now. We must have a game plan. We must be flexible and able to adapt when needed. We move forward a play at a time. Opponents try to stop us. Team members stumble, get hit, get hurt, and leave the game. We continue down the field, otherwise we're out of the game. We MUST get the ball into the end zone if we want to score a touchdown and win.

Some people are content to watch the game. Some tailgate like it's some sort of party. Some play but they fear getting hurt so they don't really give it their all. Others want to be on the team but don't do much. Someone's the water person, some are cheerleaders, some coach. And the game is won by those who work together, give it all they can, keep their eye on the ball as they move it down the field, stay focused, and "can see" the celebration that will happen when they score.

We're all in this pandemic game, whether we choose to be or not. We have to do all we can to get into the end zone. Work as a team, follow the guidelines, take care of one another, follow our coach, and be prepared to leap for joy when we win.

- Linda Deeter
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6 days ago

Deeter USA

We have some fun experiences and enjoy saying, “Every day is different.”

From Kirk today, remembering when we launched KUDOs Granola Snacks ... “Years ago, when I had a full head of hair... shaking hands with the great John Denver. I just spent a couple days in the backcountry with the family... and the guitar. "Rocky Mountain High" has always been a standard, but this summer, for many reasons, it means a helluva lot more. His voice, and his tunes will never be forgotten, at least not in these mountains. We're still playing them, and the notes are bouncing off the rocks and over the streams. True legacy.”
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