Elmiron Introduction



When Baker-Norton Pharmaceutical Company asked for our help in launching Elmiron, an orphan drug introduced to battle interstitial cystitis (IC), it was clear we were facing an uphill battle. The company had no sense of market size, they had little experience marketing to consumers, the budget was minimal, and physicians were skeptical that IC actually existed as a disease.


It took us nearly two years, yet in partnership with the Interstitial Cystitis Association and LPGA golf professional Terry-Jo Myers, we were able to introduce IC to the general public and create a push-pull dynamic between consumers and their physicians, proving the problem actually existed and that Elmiron was very effective treatment for it. What made this project so interesting was the fact that we were successful despite having limited resources. Instead of competing with other pharmaceutical companies and other products on the health pages of leading newspapers and magazines, our story ran on the sports pages of those same national publications as well as on those radio and television networks that prized themselves on their coverage of golf.


What we did with IC and Elmiron set the standard that others still follow.

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