Ai Restoration


Early in 2019 DeeterUSA was contacted by Ai Restoration (AIR,) a firm specializing in building and home remediation with marketing and communications needs and wanted DeeterUSA to help position the firm for future growth and development. While the firm gross sales were hovering around $10 million mark annually, they saw much greater potential, given recent residential stucco and siding failure issues that were surfacing in the region.


DeeterUSA conducted a thorough review of the stucco and siding issue in the greater Philadelphia market, then staged an in-depth planning initiative with AIR management to identify objectives, target audiences, features, and benefits as well as the competitive threat. Our strategy was to work core out and build a solid programming foundation and platform upon which we could bundle and implement an integrated public relations, advertising, social media, and sales promotion campaign. This included all internal communications, both consumer and trade publicity, a social media component, and targeted advertising. The entire year one effort was punctuated with a county-wide remediation forum being staged in cooperation with the local newspaper, a community-based bank, other building and construction experts, and the PA Attorney General’s Office.


This first year initiate exceeded all expectations. It included the development of a new employee on-boarding kit, the overhaul of the firm’s employee manual, implementation of the firm’s first press kit and media relations push, the reworking of its website to be more user friendly and to assure search engine optimization. While the major event we were staging had to be postponed until fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lead up to that event clearly pointed to the fact that we had already exceeded our objectives in terms of audience reach, education, and interest in the stucco and siding failure problem in the region. With a new graphics system developed as an overlay to the year’s activity, Ai Restoration is now poised and positioned to play a more active role in industry trade associations, provide expert speakers for local, regional, and national events as well as media inquiries and is prepared to move forward with the forum concept, either live or virtual. Without question, Ai Restoration has set itself apart from all competition and the future looks very bright for the firm’s management and staff alike.

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