Bridging the Gap Africa


Bridging the Gap Africa (BtGA) is a not-for-profit organization that builds pedestrian foot bridges in remote areas of Kenya to provide safe crossings of dangerous bodies of water so residents of rural villages can have better access healthcare, education, food, and commerce. Over the groups 20 plus year history, BtGA has built more than 40 bridges and has done so with very limited resources and dedicated yet small donor base. In recent years, the organization has made a concerted effort to involve a broader base of volunteers and expand its reach to new potential donors through a series of events, social media efforts, and publicity (largely centered around the BtGA founder being named a CNN “Hero”). While these efforts did yield moderate success, the increases in donations we not keeping pace with the budget increases necessitated by undertaking more bridge building projects and upgrading the engineering of bridges from rudimentary “hanging bridges” to more sturdy and longer-lasting “suspension bridges.” The organization was facing the very real potential of a budget shortfall and was in need of a quick influx of dollars to avoid a negative cash flow situation.


DeeterUSA met with BtGA leadership and members of the board of directors and, helped put together a video about the organization and their mission that was fast paced, concise, and that pulled at the heart strings. The video was excerpted for use socially and housed on the organization’s website. The video was also played at various events and in speaking opportunities involving the BtGA founder. All of these outlets help expand the awareness of BtGA among potential target audiences/donors, and educated them regarding the mission of the organization and why people should care.

Then, working with the board and a professional fundraising specialist, the DeeterUSA team helped further extend the value of the video by incorporating parts of the finished video into a fundraising campaign tied to “Giving Tuesday.” Images and messages from the video were extracted and used in print pieces and email correspondence.


The video proved to be a key element in BtGA’s 2019 marketing and fundraising efforts. All metrics available via social media and the website saw significant spikes once the video was in place. Fundraising efforts exceeded expectations and where the budget once appeared to be heading toward a deficit, actual donations resulted in the highest level of giving in the organization’s history and a budget surplus.

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