Devon Consulting … Award-winning Radio Ad Campaign

devon consulting

Devon Consulting was a temporary employment company servicing the information technology (IT) market. Essentially, Devon would help place IT professionals with regional businesses in short-term assignments. It was a good set-up for all parties. The IT professionals would earn a higher than normal hourly rate and have the flexibility to work as many or as few hours as their personal situations allowed. The companies contracting with Devon would get high-quality IT staffing on a short-term/as-needed basis without the overhead of full-time employees. Devon would get a percentage of what each company was willing to pay for the IT talent.


DeeterUSA provided full-service support for Devon for a number of years in the late 1990s and early 2000s. During this time, we developed a lot of great communications programming for them including an internal newsletter called Chip Chat, several brochures, and an award-winning series of radio spots featuring long-time Philadelphia radio personality, John Harvey, known affectionately by listeners as “Harvey In the Morning.” The spots were thought provoking with a humorous slant that grabbed the attention of listeners and provided Devon-related information for prospective IT professionals who may want to join the Devon pool of talent.


Take a listen!

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