Drugs, Sport, and Politics


While coordinating its 1984 Olympic Games sponsorships for M&M/Mars, we got to know and work with Dr. Robert Voy, then the chief medical officer for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). Bob became a good friend and post “’84” we saw him mentioned in USA Today as having just left the USOC. We called Bob straight away to ask why the move. He confided in us that he was frustrated with the USOC and their lack of concern over illicit drug use in sport. A few months later we spoke and Bob again shared his frustration over drug use in sport and said that while he had so much that needed to be communicated regarding the problem, when he did media interviews, better than half of what he had to say ended up on the cutting-room floor and never made it into any of the stories written or broadcast.


We suggested that Bob needed to write a book that captured everything that had to be said on the topic in one place. He agreed. Over the next several months we found a publisher, ghost wrote, and edited Drug, Sport, and Politics. When the book was first published in 1989, the USOC threatened anyone caught reading it. Why? Because in time, most everything in that book proved true. Bob became the world’s leading expert on the subject, there was a top management shakeup at USOC, and the media latched onto the book as its primary resource, an encyclopedia on performance-enhancing drugs. Today that book is still referenced as a credible source of information.


Bob has repeatedly threatened to update Drugs, Sport, and Politics but has yet to place the call for us to get started with volume II. We look forward to teaming with him again when the spirit moves him. It’s an important story.

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