Frank Bell Horse Whisperer



When Robert Redford’s movie “The Horse Whisperer” premiered, we got a call from another agency friend who asked if we had time to take on a new client. He was not up to the task. The client was Frank Bell, a real-life horse whisperer living and working in Larkspur, Colorado. Frank wanted help marketing himself concurrent with the Redford film introduction. We agreed to take on the challenge, realizing that we had a three- month window to educate the general public about hose whispering and to let the world know that Frank Bell was the real deal.


We spent a few days with Frank, came up with a national marketing strategy, mounted our campaign, and put Frank on the road with one of our media-savvy account management people. Needless to say, once we booked Frank’s first series of interviews and began merchandizing the results, the media started beating a path to our door and Frank Bell, the horse whisperer, was in high demand to both speak and demonstrate his skills. One high point of our tour was when we received a call from a writer at the Chicago Tribune challenging Frank to get her “spooked” horse into a horse trailer. Frank accepted the challenge and within a few hours, the horse walked up the ramp and into the trailer, and the writer became one of our biggest and most outspoken cheerleaders.

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