Lehigh Valley Hospital Radio Show, “Livin’ It Up!”

Livin It Up Mark


“Da da da da da da da da … da da da da da da da da …” The music still plays in my mind just with the mention of “Livin’ It Up!” This was really a radio-based precursor to another item on our “30 for 30” list, the St. Mary Connectors program. In essence, we were using radio as a way for Lehigh Valley Hospital to further build itself into the fabric of the Greater Allentown region. “Livin’ It Up!” was an hour-long program, fully written, edited, and produced by the DeeterUSA team and our radio partners, Fred Bauer and John Harvey. The weekly show was intentionally NOT overly promotional. We were striving for a program for listeners ages 50 and older that people actually WANTED to listen to. It was filled with great on-air talent (John Harvey, AKA “Harvey In the Morning”), timeless music from the 50s through the 90s, comedy clips, regional calendar events, PLUS hospital-provided health tips, physician news, and hospital-specific messaging. The health content was not an afterthought, yet it was also not the primary driver of the program. As a result, the program worked well and built a loyal listenership. Click here to hear a sample!


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