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Mission Pharmacal Company was founded in 1946 by a pharmacist with a deep commitment to helping people and an entrepreneurial spirit. In the nearly 70 years that have passed since Mission began operations, the company has developed many prescription and over-the-counter healthcare products. They have built sales forces representing products that serve urology, women’s health, pediatrics, dermatology, and primary care physicians and their patients. Top Mission executives have been invited to the White House to share innovative earth-friendly technologies and Mission continues to grow through unique partnering strategies with other pharma companies and manufacturers. One thing the company had not been able to accomplish – at least in recent memory – was to develop a corporate brochure that provided Mission’s corporate history, explanation of their full capabilities, and offered their vision for the future.



The DeeterUSA team was able to come in and help. To do so, we met with and continuously interacted with all key constituents – company ownership, senior leadership, the new business development team, sales team leaders, and the marketing team – to outline all that needed to be included in the brochure. We developed copy in a tone that matched the corporate culture and worked with world-class photographer Danny Turner to skillfully capture images that helped Mission tell their story. The copy and photographs were then handed off to our design partner, Shovel Creative, with whom we worked hand in hand to turn the entire team’s vision into reality.



The end result is a corporate brochure that is one part annual report, one part professional calling card, and one part high-end art!

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