Pre-Columbian Mummies – H-Pylori Bacteria




Not all ulcers are created equal. Meridian Diagnostics, based near Cincinnati, Ohio, can attest to that fact based on their Premier Platinum HpSA™ testing kit. HpSA is short for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) stool antigen, a bacteria known to cause many ulcers. This discovery – actually finding a bacteria responsible for many types of ulcers – was counter to the consensus thought at the time that ulcers were solely caused by stress, spicy foods, or other factors dealing with life style choices.


What really helped Meridian grab the attention of both media and consumers was when their diagnostic kit was able to identify H. pylori bacteria in pre-Columbian mummies who also showed signs of ulcers.


DeeterUSA was given the assignment of sharing these interesting findings. To do so, we put together:


·         A video news release (VNR) package that included an on-air newsperson delivering the scripted messaging

·         A version of the VNR without the on-air talent

·         Extra footage of the Meridian Diagnostics manufacturing facility as well as shots of the pre-Columbian mummies

·         A document file containing the proposed script


We also offered media outlets our own “expert” spokesperson for interviews or scientific clarifications.


Traditionally, news outlets tend to prefer putting together their own stories and often will only use prepared VNRs as a template for creating their own clip for use on their news broadcast. For this story, however, we hit it out of the park. Outlets throughout the country ran the story. Some stations actually used our hired newscaster/spokesman, and even one major network in New York City ran our prepared VNR with scripting exactly as it was submitted. That station did use their own on-air talent, yet they used our words and our prepared footage. It felt like what we imagine a songwriter would feel the first time s/he hears someone sing a song they’ve written play on the radio. Pretty cool.



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