St. Mary Connectors



Bill Deeter attended Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was a fun-filled, community event with cowboys, cowgirls, American bison, and the local hospital. While the hospital representatives may not at first seem to fit with the cowboys, cowgirls, and bison, it was evident at the event that the link among all four groups was that they were all a part of the fabric of the greater Cheyenne community. Friendly hospital personnel handed out water, sunscreen, and information on the services they offered. This fantastic “soft-sell” approach provided a community service that extended the good feelings people have about the hospital.


The DeeterUSA team used Bill and Linda’s Cheyenne experience as the basis for developing the St. Mary Connectors program. The idea was simple. Send hospital colleagues (a mix of both employees and volunteers) who are passionate about St. Mary out to already established community events to offer support for those events and event attendees. As a result, the events have more than just volunteers and the brand of St. Mary behind them – the event goers get free water, sunscreen, and other items that will help them better enjoy their day – and St. Mary becomes even more intertwined in the fabric of the community. It’s a win-win-win!

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