USA Swimming Marketing Programming



As the USA Swimming team prepared for their journey to Sydney, Australia, for the Olympic Games in summer 2000, they knew that the competition awaiting them was going to be the toughest in the history of the Games. Knowing that they needed to generate more excitement about the team before their arrival, the executive board of USA Swimming brought in DeeterUSA to spur excitement about the sport among the media and strengthen the national organization’s ties with its smaller, individual grassroots teams.


To help the organization run more efficiently and maintain a strong connection with its grassroots swim clubs, Deeter designed “Club Tool Boxes” that contained instructional videos, rules and regulations, fund-raising suggestions, and other helpful tools. To rev up the excitement surrounding the USA Swimming team, we first put together a tailored media list, giving us a firm foundation to design and write the media kit. The kit included feature stories, FAQs and important bios that gave USA Swimming the greatest opportunity for long-term relations with media outlets. As a result, their stories reached outlets like The Tonight Show, David Letterman Show, Newsweek, and People Magazine, giving a new voice to both a team and a sport that both needed and deserved the spotlight.

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