Integrated Programming

What is “Integrated Programming”? The marketing and communications field can often seem cluttered. There are a lot of people who profess their skill in being able to do the kinds of things that we do. “Kinds of things” being the key phrase.


From our perspective, nearly anybody can offer their arms and legs and help make an advertisement, write a press release, or upload witty posts to social media.


The issue is that many of these practitioners get so caught up in the “things” that they lose site of the overarching objectives, the target audiences that need to be reached, and/or the strategy that should be employed to maximize results and enhance the return on every dollar invested.


The most effective marketing and communications programming builds on itself. The messaging that needs to be delivered can be found in the digital ads, event graphics, internal newsletters, external blogs, and every other tactical element found in a strategic marketing and communications plan.

In essence, the various disciplines within the communications function should overlap – the PR and Advertising should work together with the digital marketing, social media, and internal communications – and where this overlap occurs is where integrated programming occurs.

For the group at DeeterUSA, this is a key differentiator between us and many others who claim to be expert practitioners in our field. We are a team of analytical thinkers and creative problem solvers. We bring to the table more than 150 cumulative years of providing clients our perspective – a perspective based on experience, insight, and thoughtful consideration of the situation at hand. We avoid a “thing driven” mentality and strive to hit the “sweet spot” that is integrated programming.